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Read what clients have to say about their experience with West Georgia Doula.

“Loved all the services and care we received. Such a blessing in the transition of our new chapter.” -Rachel

“My husband and I agree that Heather was worth her weight in gold at my son’s birth. She seemed to know exactly what I needed to stay calm and as comfortable as possible. I barely had to talk to let her know what I needed, and she helped my husband and I have a low-stress, wonderful birthing experience. At my post-partum session she prepped my cloth diapers, straightened up, and held the baby while I took a nap! Heather is a gifted servant with a special talent for knowing just what a mother needs.” -Andrea

“I’ve been blessed to have doula support from Heather at two of my births. Two long and hard natural labors were possible in part because of the emotional and physical presence and support of my doula, plus received attentive postpartum assistance. She also provided a wealth of knowledge on breastfeeding and baby wearing.” – Audria

“They took care of placenta encapsulation for me and I found the service to be extremely informative and professionally done. I would definitely partner with WGD again!” – Christina

“What a lovely doula agency! I don’t know where I’d be without their breastfeeding and babywearing support.”- Alison

“In April of this year, I had our second beautiful baby, a little girl. Chelsea was my doula. She was fantastic. I didn’t have a doula with our first baby. It was just me and my husband. Having a doula made such a difference. We had incredible nurses helping with the birth of our son, but they had to be in and out because of course they had other patients to tend to. It was just so nice to have someone there who didn’t have to leave the room and who was just there for us. And I am so glad that person was Chelsea. She is very professional and friendly, and she was such a support for my husband as well. I think having additional support there enabled him to enjoy this birth more without having to be nearly as exhausted as I was from helping me employ natural pain managing techniques. I am so grateful to Chelsea for her services and would definitely recommend her to anyone having a baby in the near future!” – Becca

“Heather was a wonderful doula. Her knowledge and expertise was so great to rely on for support before, during and after my daughter’s birth. She has a professional demeanor, but also feels like a part of the family. I was grateful that she gave unbiased advise and truly does support whatever YOU desire for your birth without judgment.” – Jessica

“A great resource and comfort for families! Highly suggest using West Georgia Doula!” – Sarah

“Such an amazing birth support team! Heather was the doula on call when I was in labor, and she was invaluable. She clearly listened extremely well during my prenatal visit, because she did exactly what I wanted and always seemed to be one step ahead of what I needed. She was so professional and an absolutely amazing doula!” – Kendall