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Labor Doula

The term Doula is Greek and means “woman who serves”. The modern definition refers to a professional experienced in childbirth. A doula offers emotional, physical, and educational support to clients throughout their pregnancy, labor, and after the baby is born. It is a non-medical support role, and could be likened to a maternity and parenting coach.

At West Georgia Doula, we understand that pregnancy is a time of change and anticipation, which can bring a host of questions. With this in mind, our expert labor doulas are equipped to come along side you during your pregnancy to support and educate as you begin preparing to welcome your baby into your family. Starting the first day you hire us, your doula team is on-call and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to make you their top priority. Building a trusting relationship with your doula is essential, so in addition to your in-home birth planning session, we encourage frequent phone and email communication. We are here to answer questions, talk through your options, calm your fears, and offer a judgement-free listening ear whenever you need it.

When the big day arrives, your doula will join you in your home when you are ready for her. Clients find comfort in knowing they have an expert there to help them know what is “normal” and when is the right time to head to the hospital. When you get there, your doula will remain by your side throughout your labor and birth, knowing just what to do to help you through each stage. Never will your doula come between you and your partner, rather she is there as a member of your team to provide emotional and physical support to all parties. She will use her training and experience to help explain common procedures and offer suggestions for different comfort measures. This frees the partner from having to remember each little detail from classes and books, allowing him to be fully present and enjoy the exciting time of welcoming a baby into your family!

After the birth, your doula will be available to help initiate breastfeeding or giving the first bottle. Once your family is settled and ready for some rest, your doula will say a quick goodbye, then quietly slip out as you relish and bond with your newborn.

Within the first week of your birth, your doula will come back to your home for a 1 hour follow-up visit. We have found women enjoy talking about their birth, and this gives you the chance to ask your doula any questions you might be left with as you process your experience. She can also provide tips for recovery and help with newborn care.

Our support extends with four hours of complimentary Postpartum Doula care to be scheduled upon request within the first 4 weeks.