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Placenta Services

This time honored practice is growing in popularity in the US, and for good reason!  We invite you to proceed with an open mind and consider how you might benefit from this valuable service!

What is it?

Placenta encapsulation is the process of preparing the mother’s placenta into capsules for the mother to ingest after the birth of her baby.

The purpose of this practice is to reintroduce beneficial hormones, proteins, and other nutrients to the mother’s body following labor and birth to help restore physical and emotional balance, decrease the risk of “baby blues” and postpartum depression, increase breast-milk production, shorten healing time, increase energy levels, and provide an over-all feeling of wellness to help in the transition between pregnancy and the early postpartum period. You could consider it the perfect natural supplement for postpartum healing and hormone support!


West Georgia Doula is passionate about staying at the forefront of current safety recommendations and maintaining high standards of cleanliness for your well-being and the integrity of our business. For these reasons, all placenta preparations will take place in the client’s home. We want this to be as easy as possible, so each client is provided with their own WHO compliant cooler, transportation kit & instructions. Your Postpartum Placenta Specialist (PPS) will bring all the necessary supplies so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Each PPS is duel trained as a Postpartum Doula. While in your home your PPS is also available to your family to answer any questions related to normal newborn care and postpartum recovery.


West Georgia Doula uses a Traditional Method of Encapsulation. The placenta is lightly steamed with ginger and lemon, then dehydrated, powdered and placed into capsules. It will take approximately two days to encapsulate your placenta. The encapsulation specialist will need approximately two hours each day. On the first day she will bring all of her own sanitized equipment with her. She will leave her dehydrating equipment plugged in on your counter top overnight and return the following day to complete the encapsulating process. Once complete she will leave your kitchen in the same condition she found it in – or better! The only thing remaining will be your jar of capsules, which resemble any other herbal pill.

We are excited to bring this service to Carrollton and the surrounding West Georgia area. Call us today to secure availability!